Who is responsible for spreading Corona virus in India? Central Government or Muslims?

Who is responsible for spreading Corona virus in India?
Central Government or Muslims?

Some media outlets have reported that the recent Tabliq Jamaat Conference, held in Delhi, which had participants from different parts of India, is the reason why the epidemic had spread across the country.

Through this, the central government is systematically trying to build up the false image that coronavirus is spread by Muslims.

Certain state governments and some media outlets are also spreading this false allegation, made by the Central Government.

Nizamuddin Dablique Jamaat’s office in Delhi is a place where hundreds of people from different parts of the country visit daily. So, as usual, on March 13th and 14th, a few hundred people have gathered there. At this juncture, the train services across the country were suddenly canceled on March 21, without any prior notice.

As usual, those who have visited the Nizamuddin office became paralyzed by the government’s sudden decree, and could not move to their hometowns.

On March 22, 2020, Prime Minister Modi announces the public self-curfew. As imposed by the Government, and for the benefit of the people, this self-curfew was accepted and practiced by the people who got stranded at Delhi, Nizamuddin.

Before even the March 22 curfew was over, another announcement was made stating that starting from March 23, morning 6 AM till March 31, “Delhi will be Shut Down”.

Because of both of these unplanned announcements by the Government, the ordinary people who could not travel back to their home towns had no other option but to stay together in Delhi Nizamuddin.

After all, these, when these people sought out for help from the State Government and Police, no support but only disappointments.

Before they got engaged in their usual office and spiritual activities, no orders were issued from the Central or the State Government.

The people who gathered at Nizamuddin, at no instance violated any of the orders by State or Central Government.

The sudden announcement of the government, made the people paralyzed and they could not move out of Nizamuddin.

While this being the case, would it be fair to blame Muslims and the people of Tabliq Jamaath, that they are the people responsible for the spread of Coronavirus in India?

Diagnosing or treating the infected, wise would not complain. But trying to create a fictitious image, such as coronavirus can only be transmitted by Muslims, would be supreme madness.


The central government is responsible for the spread of the disease:

People could not be blamed a section of people for the reason that they traveled from Tamil Nadu to Delhi, and that a considerable number of them have been infected.

Coronavirus is not a disease originated from India. Also, it’s not a disease that got spread after the 20th of March.

It originated in China last December and has since spread to other countries. It originated in China last December and has since spread to 203 countries till date.

As soon as we received the news of the spread of this disease in China, the Central Government should have taken appropriate action. Air travels with China should have been stopped. No traveler should have been allowed into India without thorough quarantine. That could have been a proper deterrent.

Instead, what did the Central Government do?
Not just from China, travelers from the disease most affected countries, such as Germany, Italy and the United States, were allowed to come into India as usual.

According to the doctors, a Corona diseased person will be diagnosed after 14 days. It means, without even the sign of the disease, many infected people were allowed to enter India.

According to the Government official records, in India alone, 2547 persons are afflicted with the Corona disease and most of them were from abroad. Evidently, it is clear that the disease has spread to India through foreigners.

If so, is it not that the Central Government which allowed thousands of foreign travelers into India without any quarantine, is the primary reason to spread to all these thousands of people of India?

It’s the government’s folly which continued the air travel with the affected countries, even after being completely aware that the epidemic had started to spread during December.

Initially, in spite of the epidemic crisis, the Central Government’s decision of bringing back all the Indians from abroad, and allowing them to mingle with the common public without any quarantine, was a major set back.

As for India, it was only on January 30 that the first coronavirus infected was confirmed. He is also a traveler from China.

As the spread of the disease has begun in India only during the beginning of February, based on the threat noticed in other developed countries, shouldn’t it be the Central Government taking enough basic precautionary measures?

Such as self-curfew, 144, which is practiced today, wasn’t enforced during those days. Did the central government alert the states about any severity of the Coronavisurs? Not at all.

Corona’s impact begins in India on January 30. Until March 13, the states functioned as usual.

Only after India faced two deaths and 83 were diagnosed as victims, on March 14, the Central Government announces the coronavirus, as a national disaster.

But even then, foreign travelers were not barred from entering India. No curfews or other restrictions were announced.

No restrictions were imposed from January 30 to March 20. State borders were also not closed. Foreign tourists were not stopped.

Even foreign travelers who were infected were allowed into India, and roam around freely. Only after March 4, the travelers from abroad have been put under inspection.

If so, before March 4th, how many people would have come to India with Corona symptoms?

It’s scary to even think about!

Is this not the lethargic behavior of the central government?

While the doctors clearly indicated that the symptoms of the disease would appear only 2 weeks after the onset of the disease, the travelers from abroad were only inspected for the temperature at the airport, and were allowed to leave to their homes.

This way, no one can deny that the Central and the State Governments are responsible for the spread of the disease in the nation.

Stupidly allowing the diseased from abroad, to mix with common public, had enabled 2547 confirmed cases, with a death toll of 62, in the nation.

While this being the truth, it is a more shameful politics that the Central Government along with some media support, targeting and blaming Muslims as if they are the cause of the infection.


What/who is the cause of the disease to spread in Delhi?

In the Tablique Jama’at event which was held in Delhi, people from different states of the country participated. Just because some of the members who attended this event from Tamilnadu got infected, the central and state governments are trying to put the entire blame on Muslims. And also trying to frame the conception that Muslims are the primary cause of the disease, not only in Tamil Nadu but in the entire nation.

The disease is not spread by the Tablique Jama’at in Delhi, but by the foreign travelers. Likewise in Tamil Nadu.

Moreover, if the disease has been confirmed in Delhi before Tamil Nadu, why was Delhi not isolated from other states immediately?

Even after that, why were people allowed to travel to Delhi from other countries and other states? Was that not the first crime?

As of January 13, more than 6,000 passengers arrived in Delhi from China and from Corona’s affected countries.

On the 15th of January, as per the announcements made by the Health Department of Delhi, 17 passengers were confirmed infected in Delhi.

Media Link: https://www.hindutamil.in/news/india/539776-17-people-from-delhi-who-returned-from-abroad-before-coronavirus-screening-showed-symptoms-hospitalised-1.html

The government itself permits people to travel to a state, which was infected and then when the people who traveled also got infected, would it be fair to sue them through the law, just because they got infected?

It’s the Government’s incompetence that the travelers from abroad and within the states, were not properly restrained.

Allowing people in clusters from various infected countries and states, with ineffective disease screening which was conducted just forsake, then, now blaming common people for the spread of the disease shows the inability of the Central Government.

While the central and the state governments were not fully aware of the corona epidemic, but blaming Muslims and Tablique Jam’at for the spread is a terrible act.

(Please note that no one has traveled to Delhi since the government issued the ban.)

Even after all this, in a quest to publish a sensational news story, some media outlets had portrayed Muslims as criminals, shame on those media outlets.


Why were these incidents not discussed at all?

Muslims have never held any conferences or made any excursions, violating any of the government’s directive.
(Explained above)

But currently, an environment is being created portraying that some Socially unaware Muslims are the cause for the spread of the disease.

On television, those who regularly publish this false news, have to be reminded that they have completely ignored some of the other events.

1) The Mahasivarathri event was held on February 21, hosted by Jakki Vasudev’s Isa Center, at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.

Media link: https://tamil.news18.com/photogallery/entertainment/cinema-mahashivaratri-2020-kajal-aggarwal-in-isha-function-1-msb-257993.html

Lakhs of people from the Corona infected countries such as China, Germany, and the United States have attended the Mahasivarathri event. Many VVIPs such as the Vice President of India Venkaiah Naidu, attended this event.

Considering this as the biggest event in India since the spread of the disease, that too with thousands of travelers visited India from all over the world, including travelers from highly infected countries such China, US, and Germany, were all those Indian participants being currently asked to be tested for the disease?

While lakhs of people being participated in the event, isn’t that even a few people wouldn’t have got infected?

Through them, isn’t their chance of disease spreading to few lakhs of people in Tamil Nadu?

Why is there no debate about this?

2) US President Trump visited India on February 24. Modi made his trip to Ahmedabad and Delhi more luxurious than any of his political campaigns.
With tens of thousands of people rallying around, the ‘Namaste Trump’ event was held.

Media link: https://www.bbc.com/tamil/india-51609554

In India, as the coronavirus infection started on January 30, but Trump’s concerts took place 23 days later.

How many foreign tourists would have attended these events?

How many people from the US would have attended?

How many of the foreign media persons would have come to India for this event?

Wouldn’t this be the cause of infection in India, especially in Gujarat?

Why did nobody blame ‘Namaste Trump’ event, for the cause of Coronavirus spread in Gujarat?

Would that mean, Corona would run away when it sees Modi and Trump together?

3) Since the curfew was announced without prior notice, about 10,000 people gathered for buses in Delhi alone. They belong to several states including Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Rajasthan.

Media link: https://www.bbc.com/tamil/india-52080512

Would this not because of Corona spread? Who would be responsible for the affected people in their respective states?

4) While on March 24, Modi called for people to practice self-curfew, the same day at 5 pm, he also asked people to come to their terraces and clap with their hands.

Modi justified this by stating, this is to encourage the service of doctors and nurses. Many denounced this, as a stupid initiative by Modi.
The government’s goal should have been to encourage doctors by providing them with the necessary medical equipment, and quality facial shields. Empty Applause is just a stunt politics, many severely criticized.

However, many ignorant people, thinking if they applauded then the corona’s strength would decrease, gathered as large crowds outside their houses and shook hands! Some even marched in large crowds! Doesn’t it lead to the spread of the disease?

Why has no one made news about it now?

5) In March, Lucknow-based Kanika Kapoor, a Hindi singer, came from London. When she was initially tested, she was not diagnosed with the disease. Then, after a few days, she is diagnosed with the disease.

Meanwhile, Kanika attended several parties with the disease.

Jai Pratap Singh, Minister of Health in Uttar Pradesh, and many political figures, including former Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, and Members of Parliament, attended the party along with Kanika Kapoor.

Media link: https://www.bbc.com/tamil/india-51976915

Similarly, starting from BJP members, the link of contacts extends till the President, and UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

Now, in Lucknow and other states, would they say that it is the Kanika and BJP variants are the cause for the spread of the disease?

6) On March 25, the first nationwide lockdown was announced.

But then on the same day of lockdown, in Uttar Pradesh, a pooja was conducted under the leadership of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Many people attended, seated close to each other without even wearing any masks.

Media link: https://twitter.com/ANINewsUP/status/1242601059081531392

When the whole country is paralyzed at home, unable to even go out for food due to the lockdown for social distancing, how were they allowed to perform the pooja with such a large crowd?

While there was a 144, a nationwide lockdown, and despite the ban a mass gathering, why is this phenomenon not been discussed as the cause of the spread of the disease?

In Karnataka, the daughter of a BJP leader was married during mid-March, the function had more than 3000 attendees. While even the Chief Minister Yeddyurappa attended that marriage function, is that not enough to get the media attention?

Substantial crowds at bus stations:

After a shutdown of the central railway and state bus transit in a four-hour span, as like the money demonetization operation, hundreds of thousands of daily wagers flooded into the capital’s Delhi bus station, making the prime minister’s social dissociation a mockery.

In this, Tamil Nadu is no exception!
The Government of Tamil Nadu, announced 144 lockdowns on March 24, from 6 pm to 31′ st March. During that one-day interval, several thousand people left Chennai to their home towns, in hugely crowded buses with many in footsteps.

At such times, would Corona be merciful and look away from this crowd congestion?

Although there are many reasons to discuss the spread of the disease, the Muslims still completely adhered to all of the orders of the Government. Thus, it is immoral politics to blame Muslims for the spread of the disease.


Prejudice even in a World War?

At a time when India is facing a major disease called coronavirus, people view this as a Third World War.

In this third world war, while people themselves are united in spite of caste and religious differences, and fighting against the virus, prejudice views on Muslims even in this very painful.


Free trial by the Governments!

In countries like Germany and South Korea, along with the isolation and social distancing strategies, a large number of coronavirus tests are also being conducted.

Like our PM, the Prime Ministers of those countries did not leave society just only by declaring a social dissociation for the people. They are also offering free virus tests to their people.

In Germany, with a population of about 80 million, about four and a half lakhs of people have been systematically tested for the virus. Also, there are a number of treatments for the infected and careful measures to control the prevention of the spread.

Countries such as South Korea and Germany are rapidly recovering from the epidemic because all the suspects were given a systematic examination in a secure environment without being threatened.

Whereas in India, with a population of 130 crores, only 20 thousand people have been tested!
In India with a population of 130 crores, doctors say there are only 40,000 artificial respirators available for the treatment of the diagnosed.

Source: https://static.hindutamil.in/hindu/other/Covid19_BookLET.pdf

In this context, the act of not testing the millions of people in the above mentioned, would create more and more vulnerability in the nation.

If a large number of people happen to get infected at the same time, we would face serious consequences, considering the medical short supply.

In the case of a massive disease outbreak in India, like Italy and China, the Government of India does not have enough medical resources to deal with the disease.
That is the reason why the 21-day curfew is painful to many, the Indian Government had made it mandatory.

This is the main reason why even the ideological opponents of Modi, are still adhering to this curfew.

When Modi tried to turn Muslims into aliens in the nation, with the Citizenship Amendment Act, there have been many protests throughout India.

At present, even those “Right to Life Protests” was temporarily postponed by Muslims in the struggles to recover against Corona… Are Muslims, the socially inclined to spread the disease?

When the government and the health department declared that the disease is spread by Social Gathering, and asked not to mingle together, Muslims who had now given away their prayer gatherings at Mosques and are now worshiping in their homes.

This way, it’s clearly evident that all these unethical blames are made against a community which maintains all of the state’s directives and the guidelines of doctors, for the social cause.

Tamilnadu Thowheed Jamaath strongly condemns the act of this unethical blames against Muslims!
This harmful act will be recorded in history as a hall of shame!!!


Issued by: Tamilnadu Thowheed Jamaath