July 4: Massive Conference in Chennai Insha Allah!

Dear Brothers and sisters
Assalamun Alaikum (Varah)

Hope this finds you in good health and high Islamic spiritual knowledge.

As you all are aware that, the status of Indian Muslims are clearly outlined in Justice Sachar Committee and Justice Ranganathan Committee Report. To overcome the issues, the said committee’s has suggested a number of measures and one such important measure was to provide separate reservations for Muslims in education, employment etc.

For your ready reference, extracts from the report:-

16.2.16. Since the minorities – especially the Muslims – are very much under-represented, and sometimes wholly unrepresented, in government employment, we recommend that they should be regarded as backward in this respect within the meaning of that term as used in Article 16 (4) of the Constitution – notably without qualifying the word ‘backward’ with the words “socially and educationally” – and that 15 percent of posts in all cadres and grades under the Central and State Governments should be earmarked for them as follows:
(a) The break up within the recommended 15 percent shall be 10 percent for the Muslims (commensurate with their 73 percent share of the former in the total minority population at the national level) and the remaining 5 percent for the other minorities.
We further recommend that a 15 percent share be earmarked for the minorities – with a break-up of 10 percent for the Muslims (commensurate with their 73 percent share of the former in the total minority population at the national level) – and 5 percent for the other minorities in all government schemes like Rural Employment Generation Programme, Prime Minister’s Rozgar Yojna, Grameen Rozgar Yojna, etc. (page 152) (Source: Ranganath Misra Report)

Immediate remedial action is essential both in the interests of equity and in the national interest. But the track record of even self-proclaimed secular governments shows that left to themselves they will at best adopt token measures. What is needed of the hour is sustained nationwide Citizens Campaign, to force governments at the Centre and in the states to act on the recommendations of the Sachar and Misra Committee Reports.

As part of a first step to pressure the Central Government, Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath (TNTJ) has planned to organize Massive Conference in Chennai Insha Allah on 4th July 2010, in which 15 Lakhs Muslims across the state is expected to take part in this conference. We hope that, this conference will make as a sparkler to awaken the Muslim Community all over India and Central Government.

To make the conference a grand success and let this conference create the importance of Muslims Reservation, let the Government take appropriate steps to implement the recommendations of Misra Committee Report.

By the grace of almighty Allah, the preparation for the conference is going on in full swing. The success of the conference lays on the participation of Muslims. As you are aware that, our organisation doesn’t accept any financial aid from Government, foreign aid, any companies etc. All the financial aids are sourced from philanthropic persons like you. We kindly appeal you to take part in this noble cause and extend as maximum as your financial support. May the almighty Allah, Accept our deeds and reward us in multiples.

Yours brotherly
Abdul Hameed
General Secretary – TNTJ
Mobile: 9952035222

Note: DD or Cheques can be sent in the name of “Tamilnadu Thowheed Jamath” Payable @ Chennai and send to “Tamilnadu Thowheed Jamath” – No 30 Armenian Street- Mannady- Chennai -600 001, Phone: 044-25215226.